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Researching the mind, what it does, and where it's headed.
At 2AI we carry out fundamental research on cognition and perception in humans and machines.

Dr. Timothy P. Barber
Director of Machine Cognition
Theoretical computer scientist and e-commerce technologist.

Dr. Mark A. Changizi
Director of Human Cognition
Theoretical neurobiologist, science writer, and author.

Current Projects:

Human 3.0. A hybrid novel about what's next, after humans. (mac)

Squaring off. What chess, poker, and prize fights all have in common. (tpb, mac)

Emotion, unmasked. A unifying theory of human wile and guile. (mac, tpb)

Saving face. The evolutionary design principles of the human visage. (mac)

The Groundhog Day problem. We know we learn the most from our mistakes, but how do we know how far to backtrack when things go horribly wrong? (tpb)

Sociopathic machines. Apple's Siri, IBM's Watson, and Google's Kurzweil. Is the push for conversational machines pulling us into an era of artificial con-artists? (tpb)

The AI landscape. Our notes on sudden massive consolidation in the AI sector.

2AI Press:  

Tech based on Dr. Barber's AI wins awards.
  • Payments Industry Awards - Security Solution of the Year.
  • Card Not Present Awards - Best Overall Fraud Solution.
  • Idaho Tech Council - Innovation of the Year.

Dr. Changizi featured on the National Geographic channel.
  • Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel.

Dr. Barber inducted into technology Hall of Fame.
  • Idaho Statesman article and video.
  • Idaho Department of Commerce.
  • Idaho Technology Council.

New O2Amp lenses bring color to the colorblind.
  • ABC News (video)
  • Popular Science
  • BBC News
  • Scientific American
  • Readers Digest

2AI and O2Amp featured on The Discovery Channel.
  • Video here: The Daily Planet. Segment starts at 3:50.

Pruney fingers hypothesis gaining traction.
  • 2013 - Forbes, NPR.
  • 2011 - Discovery Nature NPR NYTimes.

Dr. Changizi hosts new show on the Science Channel.
  • Head Games
  • MSNBC (video)

2AI eyewear now in production.
  • O2Amp.com
  • MSNBC (article)
  • The human spectacle (origin of O2Amp)

The skinny on 2AI.
  • Idaho Statesman

Sound evidence for "music is movement" theory.
  • 2012 - Time.

Changizi's Harnessed makes Top 10 of 2011.
  • 2011 - New Scientist Psych Today Wired.

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